Service & Prices

When you book an escort through NY Real Girls, you are paying for the time of the selected model in question. Each of our lovely ladies set their own rates, and you are responsible for that rate as negotiated with her ahead of time. You can select hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or travel services, and each escort will have her own rate to accommodate your request.

Additional fees may apply for specialty services, such as travel companionship, or personal services like erotic massage or private dances. You can check our gallery for more information on features provided by each model, and her rate.

Please keep in mind that the amount charged does not indicate unlisted activities or services not available on the model's gallery page. It is also not a reflection of value or quality, but rather established purely by the discretion of our escorts.

For Your Peace Of Mind

We realize that our clients may be nervous booking an escort for the first time. You may have concerns about the legitimacy of our service, the legality of what we offer, and the discretion of which we provide those services.

At NY Real Girls, we guarantee all of our customers a totally secure, safe and private experience. No one will ever see our name or description on your credit card bill, and we will never sell your information to third parties or partners.

Every service offered by our agency is 100% legal within the laws of the state of New York. Likewise, all of our models have been thoroughly screened, and passed a comprehensive application process to become a member of our staff. You can enjoy their company knowing that you are totally safe, and that our ladies would never do anything to violate the trust of our clientele. That includes sharing any details about yourself or your date with others, including other escorts.

Unfortunately, we have no control over your safety while you are out in the city with your escort. We want to give you every tool available to remain secure, however, and so we have put together this helpful list to follow to keep yourself and the model you book safe during your time together.

Stay Within Safe Areas

Our escorts know New York City well, so you can trust them to suggest only safe, well maintained areas of the city for you to visit. If you choose to enter unsafe regions, you are putting yourself at risk. Our models may refuse to go to those areas with you, and it is within their rights to decline an invitation.

The good news is there are many wonderful areas of New York City with the best clubs, restaurants, galleries, museums, theaters and more that you can choose from.

Don't Carry A Lot Of Cash

Carrying and flashing a lot of cash is dangerous in any city. Carrying plastic, or at least smaller amounts of cash, is always a better idea. If you are going to be carrying a lot of money with you, you should take care not to show it when you are pulling out your wallet or paying at any location.

Hire A Car Or Limo For Transportation

Obviously, the less time you spend walking on the street the less chance you have of running into trouble. Having a car or limo at your disposal will keep you from having to wait for a cab, no matter the time of night. It will also be more convenient and offer you some peace of mind.

We have a specialty limo and car service at your disposal. Contact our phone concierge for more information.

Only Book Through Legitimate Agencies

New York City is full of escort agencies, but they are not all created equal. Some are far from legitimate, especially if they are trying to conduct business under the table, or offering illegal services. You will always be held liable for employing their business, which puts you at risk of being incarcerated, or subject to hefty fines.

Protect yourself by sticking with NY Real Girls, or other legitimate escort agencies within the city.


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