Guide service in the city

Are you visiting New York City for the first time? Have you been here before, but feel you haven't really seen all it has to offer? Maybe you live here, but know there is a side to it you have never been exposed to. Whatever the case may be, our models are happy and able to guide you through the city, and help you to plan a night, weekend, week or any other space of time that you never could have imagined.

Being residents of NYC that specialize in showing clients a good time, the models at NY Real Girls are uniquely qualified to offer you guide services. But this isn't your average tour; they can show you the best clubs, restaurants, shows, bars, or anything else that you could hope for. All while providing you with their charming company, and the heart pounding experience of a beautiful woman being by your side.

Contact our phone concierge to inquire further. They are waiting for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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